Loyalty Program


Welcome to the BBM Loyalty program!

BBM Loyalty program is an exclusive club where your devotion to BBM counts for real gifts – from hi-tech gadgets to Mercedes S-Class!

Just trade or attract clients to earn points and get generous prizes from your broker.

1. How to earn points?

You earn points when you trade with BBM (or when your clients trade – in case you are an BBM Partner). Status points make you progress to the next Loyalty statuses, and Prize points can be exchanged for gifts.

The higher your status, the higher your rewards!

2. How to exchange Prize points for gifts?

Once you earned Prize points, you access to supreme prizes and VIP services.

Green Status prizes

Cash for points


Silver Status prizes & VIP services

IPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB

Galaxy Tab S7+ 128 GB

Gold Status prizes & VIP services

iMac Pro 27” 32Gb

Rolex Explorer II

Platinum Status prizes & VIP services

Rang Rover Sport

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Tourist trip

3. How to get a higher Loyalty status?

Increase your total deposit amount/clients’ turnover and earn Status points! When you progress to the next Loyalty status, you unlock new (and even more luxurious!) gifts. Plus, your Prize points coefficient increases, which means you can get more rewards.

4. How to join the Loyalty program?

Take 3 simple steps in your Personal area in order to participate:

Level up to the highest status and reach out for the most luxurious prizes!